Version: 20220402

We build websites for chinese restaurants in the United States, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong, and provide online ordering services. We cooperate with many well-known third-party service companies to provide mature industry solutions, such as Google, Stripe, Twilio, WeChat, etc.

Category Item Description Remark Price
Website Website setup Establish a separate site on the server and allocate hardware resources $199.00
Manual entry of menu Customer provides the menu electronic file or the printed matter, which is manually entered into the system by a dedicated person One day $50.00
Sub-domain {yourname} One year $10.00
Website hosting fee Server hardware resource usage One month $20.00
Design Web page design Customized style $100.00
Logo design Customized style $100.00
Order notification service Fax New order fax to restaurant Price per order, Monthly settlement amount $0.30
Voice Notify new order via voice $0.30
SMS Notify new order via SMS $0.30
Receipt print Desktop software to print receipts $0.30
WeChat message Notify new order via WeChat $0.30
SEO & Marketing Google business $50.00 Search
Email marketing Holiday greetings, promotional offers $199